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Underground Leak

Do you always receive high water bills monthly? Do you have high water running, but you don’t see it? Do you always notice the wet spot on your floors? Keep in mind that there’s a big chance that your home has a leak under the slab.


Here at Rooter Patrol Plumbing, we are the expert when it comes to underground leak detection. We acquired all the necessary equipment and extensive knowledge when it comes to plumbing layout from many years of installing it ourselves.


Feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to help you and when we are done, we will even help you go get a refund from your water company too!


We believe that experience is the most crucial tool in detecting a leak. We conduct different of leak detections and repairs every way, which makes us the ideal team to perform leak detection in your home. Call us now for more information!


Cash, check, credit cards, and we also have financing available.

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